Our Story

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Praying Paved the Way. Beginning many years ago, several people began to pray for a new gospel-centered church to be planted here in Al Ain. Some of these people knew of each other. Some did not. Some have stayed. Some have not. All of them have played a vital role in the beginning of this church. 

Partnering with Redeemer Dubai. Eventually, some of those praying began to attend Redeemer Church of Dubai and became members, cherishing the teaching of the Word of God and gospel community they found there. However, they knew that having a church family nearly 150km away was less than ideal. They encouraged the Redeemer Dubai elders to consider planting a new work in Al Ain. In September of 2015, Blaine Boyd joined the staff of Redeemer Dubai as a church planting resident eager to plant a church on the Arabian Peninsula. He almost immediately connected with the Al Ain attenders and began to explore the city. Seeing the need for a church plant in Al Ain and open doors there, Blaine prayerfully proposed Redeemer Church of Al Ain (RCAA) to the Redeemer Dubai elders. They gave their full affirmation and support in February of 2016.

Preparing for Launch. Following Redeemer Dubai’s affirmation, a number of Al Ainites gathered on March 26, 2016 in a local living room to hear the vision for RCAA and pray for it and this city.

It began what was many months of preparations. A staff team was built. The funds were raised. A core group gathered to worked together toward the launch of the church. 

Pursuing Jesus Christ Together. We celebrated the launch of RCAA on Good Friday, April 14, 2017, at the Danat Al Ain Resort. We are now learning what it means to be a church following Jesus and living out the gospel in Al Ain. We are eager to see how God will continue to write our story and glorify Himself here. 

Redeemer Church of Al Ain being commissioned at Redeemer Church of Dubai.

Redeemer Church of Al Ain being commissioned at Redeemer Church of Dubai.